Richard Stuart - Theatre Consultant


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Richard Stuart came up through the ranks in commercial theatre and on tour in New Zealand and Australia with theatrical organisations including J C Williamsons, Edgley International, Harry M Miller and Aztec Services. Richard then worked with performing arts centres in Perth and Melbourne. He toured Australia extensively with the Australian Ballet in the eighties before heading up the technical team at the Melbourne International Festival of the Arts for its first seven festivals.

That was followed by eleven years at Queensland Performing Arts Centre in Brisbane where Richard was executive manager in charge of production and technical services. A year as Technical Director at the Sydney Opera House followed before Richard undertook a 'sea change' to Ballina on the northern New South Wales coast where he is establishing himself as an independent theatre and production consultant.

Richard draws on his vast practical theatre technical and management experience, coupled with more recent work as a specialist theatre consultant on theatre projects, working closely with architects, engineers, project planners and local authorities to ensure entertainment venues are designed and specified appropriately and that they work from a theatre operational point of view.

Please contact Richard Stuart to discuss how he can be of service to your project.